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Women Leaders

Women have come a long way and are rightful in the establishment they had to earn through several challenges. The U.S.A Leaders believes in women’s empowerment and ensures the efforts of the women leaders don’t go unnoticed.


Women and girls are the pillars of the society and they contribute to economic productivity as well as societal development. They have

Recently, women leaders from numerous backgrounds and educational cultures came together to discuss the difficulties they face in educational leadership. The event


In corporate leadership, only some individuals at a young age possess the wealth of experience and profound expertise Ann Frank brings. Hailing from Mumbai,

Alison Armstrong, an accomplished co-founder and Chief Operating Officer at Uscanuy Contractors is a dynamic and results-driven Operations Executive. Her remarkable career spans over two decades in the

Sabrina Tharani Libby is a distinguished leader and the Senior Vice President at Mastercard. Her academic and professional trajectory has been driven

Dr. Amy Osmond Cook is a renowned leader in the field of marketing, recognized as the Founder and CEO of Stage Marketing. With an impressive background as an

This time we shine the light on the story of a woman technopreneur, Michelle Zhang (CEO and Founder of MUSE), a China-born Australian entrepreneur. Michelle is

With the advent of technology and social media, women now have a platform to raise awareness about workplace challenges and advocate for


Mary Barra is one of the most powerful and successful businesswomen of today. She is the CEO and Chairman of General Motors

“You can evade reality, but you can’t evade the consequences of evading it.” These words, spoken by the renowned Russian-American novelist and

Are you looking for some inspiration from the wise words of Maya Angelou? Maya Angelou is known for her exceptional literary contributions

Oprah Winfrey is considered the real definition of the true American dream. She ended her legendary talk show in 2011 but she

Being the chief executive officer of software giant Oracle, Safra Catz is one of the most powerful women in the corporate sector.

Success is about creating value and women are brave enough to push themselves forward. They stand up for themselves and follow their


The USA Leaders

The USA Leaders is an illuminating digital platform that drives the conversation about the distinguished American leaders disrupting technology with an unparalleled approach. We are a source of round-the-clock information on eminent personalities who chose unconventional paths for success.

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