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PMNCH, Women in Global Health, and UHC2030 Come Together to achieve SDGs

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Women and girls are the pillars of the society and they contribute to economic productivity as well as societal development. They have tremendous potential and intelligence, yet, their skills remain untapped. Moreover, they are often subject to physical and mental abuse, denied the right to education and healthcare, and discriminated against employment. To minimize sexual exploitation and gender inequality, many alliances have come forward and helped women.

Recently, a vital virtual leadership dialogue was held on Wednesday, July, 13, 2022 which included discussions on women’ sustainable development goals (SDGs). Jointly organized by PMNCH, Women in Global Health, UHC2030 and Global Health 50/50, this virtual event pointed out that with women’s fundamental rights and health under threat, the gender equality gap is increasing day by day. Hosted by the Government of Estonia, this initiative demanded empowered women leadership, gender equity, and resilience to achieve SDGs.

Exacerbated Reversals

Clearly, there are a huge number of gender parity, equal treatment, and basic human rights issues as well as hurdles in the path of strong empowerment of women. Considering these facts, the event also stated that all such issues are being inflamed due to the pandemic, other conflicts, and climate emergencies. It lamented that women have to face these challenges at a time when the world is actually seeing positive changes in girls’ education, falling maternal mortality rates, and increasing women leaders. Beyond simple decency, gender equality is a significant priority. The whole event insisted on the fact that building a better future needs a huge investment in women.

Bold, Broad and Important SDGs

This virtual leadership dialogue brought together global policymakers, government representatives, business leaders, health care providers, youth and community representatives from around the world. PMNCH Board Chair, and former Prime Minister of New Zealand expressed his thoughts, “We need urgent and transformative action to reverse these worrying trends. Women must have both seats and voice at decision-making tables.” To achieve the vision of equal treatment and development, societies must move beyond the barrier of gender sensitive aspects and accept right-based implementation. Also, the pervasive gap between men and women can only be eliminated by adhering to the advancements of women. With this event, there is a hope that a girl born in developed society would have freedom, equal rights, and empowered life.

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