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Guilford County Schools


An Event at Guilford County Schools Speaks about Women’s Empowerment

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Recently, women leaders from numerous backgrounds and educational cultures came together to discuss the difficulties they face in educational leadership. The event took place at the Alumni House on UNGC’s campus in Greensboro, N.C. This tea-time dialogue at Guilford County Schools turned out to be an excellent platform to talk about struggles and stresses in the way of women’s leadership.


Get Together of Educational Leaders


This event was organized by Superintendent Sharon Contreras and Deputy Superintendent Whitney Oakley. They brought together 120 educators which included district administrators, teachers, principals, teacher-leaders, and members of the superintendent’s teacher advisory council. Some UNGC members, academic leaders, and school board members also participated in the event. “I look around the room and I am reminded how much I enjoy events like this where women celebrate each other and where leadership is lifted up as a fundamental pillar of the community,” said Superintendent Sharon Contreras.

The around-the-table talk encouraged the guests to speak freely with others at their tables about the issues encountered in playing various roles by women. Some female leaders discussed maternity leave challenges and unnecessary tasks allotted to women. Some participants also discussed the tough role of principals and the stresses that would make them resign. An experienced chairwoman expressed how difficult it was to assemble a team of expert teachers and leaders to whom she could pass the further responsibility. The whole purpose behind the discussion was to build a strong community of female leaders.

Socialization with a Fancy Theme


The attractive thing about the event was its fancy theme. After the event at N.C. A&T, Contreras got the idea of arranging a meeting with fascinators. As Contreras is a fan of fascinators worn by young girls in British Royal families, she thought of a program in which women leaders could get an opportunity to dress up and socialize. It was a great initiative by the superintendent that gave chances to women educational leaders to speak, present their issues, and interact. This was a stepping stone toward a powerful women’s empowerment.


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