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Leader Term launches a New ML-based App to improve Senior Leadership

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Leader Term, a San Francisco based company has announced the launch of its new machine-learning leadership career matching app for its smart platform. The company is known for providing an intelligent leadership platform for various employment opportunities. The insight of platform characterizes these employment opportunities through machine learning algorithms to match business leaders with companies effectively.

When it comes to save time, senior business leaders face significant opportunity costs, and Leader Term is providing a cohesive industry-leading solution for them to manage their careers and find opportunities with the help of industry experts.

What is this app about?

The new Leader Term app aims to develop the process of senior leadership career planning. The platform of this app can assist business leaders in finding and preparing for leadership roles that are not publicly available with the help of intelligent machine learning algorithms.

Providing business leaders with a toolkit to execute their career planning is twice as effective as doing all careers planning work individually. Leader Term provides its core users with greater ownership of the positions currently available in the market. It can bridge the gap between hiring insiders, business leaders, and senior executive recruiters.

Making the Hiring Process Transparent

Through this app, job candidates have the autonomy to prepare for competency-based assessments which is a crucial part of the executive search process. This will bring value to the business world as senior leadership hiring is a regressive process and has less chance to innovate fast enough for growing needs of companies and business leaders. 

Since its inception, the Leader Term user base has rapidly expanded to include senior executives, board members, vice presidents, and directors of already established businesses as well as start-ups. The best business leaders can access them, as the goal of the company is to democratize the leadership process and make it fair and transparent. The positions available on Leader Term are provided by employers and intelligent algorithms; along with hiring contact information so business leaders can meet in person.

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