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New Opportunities for Healthcare Workforce Leaders in California

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Lawmakers in California have recently passed bills designed to expand funding to incentivize solutions that generate more nursing assistants, vocational nurses and registered nurses to ensure equitable care. There is worker shortage in U.S. healthcare labor market and the nursing workforce pipeline is at crisis. It is estimated that by 2025, the United States will have a gap of between 200,000-450,000 nurses available for direct patient care.

Filling up the Vacancies

California is experiencing higher-than-usual exits of seasoned registered nurses and slow absorption of new graduates in the healthcare industry. There is need to groom the nursing pipeline in order to give the best service to patients and also other allied occupations regarding health need to be augmented in the same program.

Healthcare workforce leaders Futuro Health and Dignity Health Global Education (DHGE) have thus announced a new collaboration to develop healthcare workforce pathways from education-to-employment and modernization in the technological development. The collaboration is directed towards creating more tuition-free entry points into the nursing path for jobs aligned with California’s future healthcare employer. It will be functional in giving training to students to meet their organizational skills as per the requirement of health industry.

Spilling the beans

The new partnership will build upon the success of recent collaborations between the two organizations, including co-developing a Community Health Worker with Behavioral Health (CHW/BH) Program. Futuro Health provided inclusive access to flexible and scalable training for more than 200 students debt-free since the CHW/BH program’s launch last year.

Explaining the futuristic ambitions of the partnership, Van Ton-Quinlivan, CEO of Futuro Health states, “Our collaboration will focus on the breakdowns in the workforce pipeline, our best practices can combine in novel ways and surface scalable solutions that pay attention to diversity and the skills needed for workers to be relevant.”

Goals of the new partnership include paying attention on developing affordable, flexible training pathways in the areas of nursing and additional healthcare professions. It aims to create opportunities for students to grow in their career to higher paying positions through supplemental training, licensing, and add on micro-credentialing options. It is planning to put enough emphasis on working with employers in diverse, marginalized rural and urban communities to be able to serve in the healthcare industry.

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