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Upasana Unni


Upasana Unni: A Dynamic Leader Crossing the Roads of Innovation and Growth

Upasana Unni (Chief Operating Officer, Sayata) is an extraordinary leader with a vision of perfection. Upasana’s education and passion for exploring new things have earned her accolades in her career. Her experience as an Associate Partner for a decade provided the base to reach the point where she stands today.

Educational Excellence: A Foundation for Success

Upasana’s journey toward leadership began with a solid foundation in education. She graduated with an MBA from Harvard Business School and earned the prestigious title of Baker Scholar, attesting to her exceptional performance among the top 5% of her graduating class. Before this, she honed her intellectual acumen at Harvard College, graduating magna cum laude with a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Studies. This academic pedigree not only equipped her with essential knowledge but also instilled in her a passion for continuous learning and exploration.

From Partner to Officer: A Career Ascendancy

Armed with her academic laurels, Upasana embarked on a career trajectory marked by steady ascent and unwavering determination. For a decade, she served as an Associate Partner at McKinsey, a global management consulting firm renowned for its industry expertise and transformative solutions.

During her tenure, she specialized in advising insurance companies, particularly focusing on digitizing operations and enhancing distribution channels. Her contributions extended beyond borders, as she worked with clients across the US, UK, Canada, the Netherlands, and Australia. Her insights were not confined to boardrooms but found resonance in the pages of McKinsey Quarterly, where she authored multiple articles on digital business building.

However, Upasana’s journey took a decisive turn when she joined Sayata, a rising star in the insurance technology (insurtech) space. Embracing the opportunity to actively participate in building something new, she initially assumed the role of Chief Commercial Officer. Here, she spearheaded initiatives to expand Sayata’s market presence and forge strategic partnerships with insurance carriers and managing general agents (MGAs).

Her relentless pursuit of innovation and market expansion caught the attention of Sayata’s leadership, leading to her elevation to the coveted position of Chief Operations Officer in 2024.

Driving Expansion: The COO’s Mandate

As COO, Upasana shoulders the responsibility of steering Sayata towards greater heights of success. Her purview encompasses overseeing market partnerships, nurturing carrier relations, and diversifying Sayata’s product offerings. Central to her role is the pursuit of market excellence, ensuring that Sayata remains at the forefront of technological innovation and customer satisfaction.

Navigating Challenges: The COO’s Role

In the fast-paced world of insurtech, challenges abound, from regulatory complexities to shifting market dynamics. However, Upasana approaches each obstacle with poise and strategic foresight. Her responsibilities extend beyond mere problem-solving to proactive decision-making, charting a course for Sayata’s sustained growth and relevance in an ever-evolving landscape.

Dynamic Leadership: Making an Impact

At the heart of Upasana’s leadership lies a commitment to making a tangible impact. She doesn’t just envision change; she actively drives it, mobilizing Sayata’s resources and talent toward achieving transformative outcomes. Her dynamic approach to leadership fosters a culture of innovation and collaboration, empowering Sayata’s team to push boundaries and redefine industry norms.

Acknowledgment of Excellence

In 2024, Upasana’s contributions to the insurance industry were duly recognized when she was named among the top 100 influencers shaping the future of insurance by Insurance Business America. This accolade not only reflects her individual achievements but also underscores Sayata’s emergence as a formidable player in the insurance arena under her leadership.

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