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Curtis Barton


From Unexpected Beginnings to Industry Leader: The Story of Curtis Barton and ALKEME Insurance

Curtis Barton’s (Founder and CEO, ALKEME Insurance) journey in the insurance industry is a fascinating example of how following an unexpected path can lead to remarkable success. In 1996, fresh out of college, Barton found himself entering a field he didn’t necessarily choose for himself. Perhaps it was a desire to please his father, a respected insurance executive, or simply a willingness to explore new opportunities. Whatever the initial motivation, Barton’s decision to enter the insurance industry set him on a course that would not only shape his own career but also leave a lasting impact on the industry as a whole.

Over the next two decades, Barton would develop a deep understanding of the insurance landscape, honing his skills in leadership, finance, and strategic planning. This unexpected beginning would ultimately blossom into a fulfilling 24-year career that continues to this day.

Building an Insurance Powerhouse: The Formation of ALKEME

Barton played a key role in the creation of ALKEME Insurance Services. His strategic thinking shone through as he orchestrated the merger of seven different entities to form ALKEME. This complex process required not only exceptional leadership but also the ability to secure the necessary capital to bring the deal to fruition. Barton’s financial acumen ensured ALKEME had a solid foundation for future growth.

Consolidation and Growth: A Strategic Mastermind

The establishment of ALKEME wasn’t just about merging entities; it was about creating a powerhouse. Barton led the consolidation of six independent insurance brokerages and a wealth management firm. This strategic move propelled ALKEME into the top 100 insurance brokerages in Southern California. Barton’s ability to navigate mergers and partnerships effectively showcased his strong leadership skills and his talent for building a successful organization.

Beyond Mergers: Securing Financial Stability

Barton’s vision extended beyond simply merging companies. He understood the importance of securing a strong financial foundation for ALKEME’s long-term success. He diligently pursued institutional backing for the company, demonstrating his commitment to its future. Additionally, he facilitated the establishment of a debt facility, ensuring ALKEME had the financial resources necessary for continued growth and stability.

A People-Powered Future: Championing Innovation

Curtis Barton’s journey is a story of not only resilience and strategic thinking but also of adaptation. He recognized the changing landscape of the insurance industry and embraced innovation. During his time as CEO, Barton championed a revolutionary approach: a people-powered, tech-enabled business model. This forward-thinking vision placed ALKEME at the forefront of the industry, paving the way for a future that leverages technology to enhance customer service and experience.

Achievements and Legacy

Under Barton’s leadership, ALKEME has experienced remarkable growth. The company boasts over 600 employees with locations in 19 states, a testament to Barton’s ability to scale operations effectively. Furthermore, his commitment to strategic acquisitions and fostering organic growth has resulted in a fivefold increase in top-line revenue within just 36 months.

Curtis Barton’s story is an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs and leaders within the insurance industry. He has demonstrated the power of vision, strategic thinking, and a commitment to building a strong financial foundation. By embracing innovation and a people-powered approach, Barton has positioned ALKEME for continued success and a lasting legacy within the ever-evolving insurance landscape.

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