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J.K Rowling Books


J K Rowling Books: Painting Magical Impact on Readers

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J K Rowling books are undoubtedly phenomenal and have received spellbinding success as they unfold extraordinary stories of ordinary characters. In the world of virtual data and advanced screen devices, this magical mom has created a strongbox for passionate readers across the world. Right from Harry Potter, Fantastic Beasts, The Christmas Pig to Troubled Blood and The Ickabog, each of J K Rowling books has profoundly created worlds of fantasy and imagination adorning the reading of millions of book lovers.

Words are the Real Magic

It has become a rare incidence for people to get lost in the magic of words after picking up a book for reading. However, the beautifully conveyed stories from J K Rowling books have wonderfully captivated the audience and inspired the entire generation to propel into the amazing world of reading. These books not only gave birth to multi-million-pound film series but also remained in the hearts of people because of their rich, inspiring, and exciting content. Words can do the real magic and flawless writing can do wonders in readers’ lives. In this blog, we have attempted to collect how J K Rowling books have taught us many important lessons.

Hidden Messages in Books   

  • Thrilling stories of Harry Potter: The best seller, a book with a bunch of surprises and spectacular events teaches the readers incredible lessons. The bond between the three lead characters—Harry, Ron, and Hermione has taught us the importance of true and pure friendship. The book also emphasizes the vital role of teachers and a powerful team. Moreover, it tells us to face our fears, ask for help when we need it, and most importantly, believe in ourselves. Characters of Loona Lovegood and Nevil Longbottom tell us that it is ok to be a misfit. Such amazing stories send a message of love, friendship, war, and triumph of good over bad.
  • Rewarding Experiences of Fantastic Beasts: The Fantastic Beasts is definitely a book series that successfully captures the attention of readers from all walks. Oftentimes, the book is mistaken to have a continued storyline of harry potter. However, the interesting plots of this series deal with the magical creatures and a ton of twists and fun. This dense book helps children to prepare for critical thinking and makes marks on readers’ minds with spectacular and dramatic events. The most important life lesson is to protect our wildlife no matter how dangerous or valuable they are. This book series also tells us to give respect to engaged naturalists and preservationists. 
  •  Daunting Troubled Blood: J K Rowling books include a masterpiece called Troubled Blood under the pen name of Robert Galbraith which depicts the detective plot of a serial killer giving a false sense of security by dressing as a woman. This book is a real page-turner and becomes successful in attracting readers’ attention. It teaches us the important lesson of how different people can be and how complicated personal lives can be.   

The most phenomenal writer, J K Rowling has always helped the young generation to develop an interest in reading. As she knew the world of words would be enchanting and wondrous, she created books that made an animated impact on people. We hope that this blog will draw your attention to important takeaways from J K Rowling books and increase your interest in reading more books.

Prajakta Zurale

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