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The most important factor which decides whether you are going to be successful is the kind of mindset you persist and books on mindset can aid you in maintaining it! Are you able to come out of your comfort zone? Do you see your problems as an opportunity to grow? You will get answers to these questions if you master your mindset. The right mindset creates self-awareness to deal with every challenging situation. Books give wings to the mind and make you fly in the soul of the universe. These 5 books on mindset will help you gain perspective about life and act as an assistant in your journey towards success.

1. The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg


You know it is impossible to see your future, but you can change it by practicing good habits in the present. Yes, this book will take you on a tour of how deeply habits can impact your daily life. The experience of reading “The Power of Habit” will change your mindset and make you feel energetic. Charles Duhigg writes about how habits work for you when you develop them and what is the science behind their existence. 

Key takeaways:

  • You should do the most important things at the beginning of day when your mind works as a powerhouse and contains reserves of willpower.
  • You should take control of your life by injecting simple habits into your routine like exercising daily, reading books, etc.
  • Choices you make every day are your habits rather than the results of your decisions. 
  • Extraordinary life depends upon extraordinary habits, so you become what you repeatedly do.

2. Start With Why by Simon Sinek


‘Start with Why’ book inspires people to maintain a work-life balance. Simon Sinek uses real-life examples of influential leaders to make you understand the pattern of their work, how they communicate with others, etc. Also, he talks about tricks to adopt the mindset of successful leaders. Steve Jobs recommended this as one of the motivational books on mindset for those who want to become quick learners and inspire others.

Key takeaways:

  • Excited employees are the best source of any business. Hire those people who are already motivated by the same reasons as you are.
  • You should start communicating with others and explain your intentions behind your work to inspire others.
  • People prefer products of their favorite creator or company over cheaper solutions because they believe in that particular brand. 
  • Innovation comes from thinking about the reason- ‘Why’ you are waking up every day from bed.

3. The One Thing by Gary Keller


‘The One Thing’ book talks about changing the way of thinking and leading a life without regret. Gary Keller asks readers to choose your ‘one thing’ over other things in your professional as well as personal life to focus on that ‘one thing’ alone. It turns out to be one of the best books on mindset. You should pick this book when you feel disconnected from your work. Gary explains the immense power of simplicity and going for minor improvements every day.

Key Takeaways:

  • You should prefer doing right things over just following routine drill every day. Because your priorities decide your success and you need to concentrate on a few things only.
  • Make ‘success list’ rather than making ‘to do list’. It will help you to understand that the majority of results come from highly prioritized tasks and not by ticking up everything in the list.
  • Create time blocks to focus on doing ‘one thing’ which pushes you hard every day to make a good kick-start `to your day.
  • The secret to getting ahead is getting started and stop procrastinating.

4. Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh


You can add this to your list of influential books on mindset, which will make you learn different lessons regarding business and life. Tony Hsieh says delivering happiness is the best business on the Earth. He explains how happiness is all about giving massive values first and money will be a byproduct. You will definitely learn useful tricks about being happy at the end of reading ‘Delivering Happiness’. Moreover, you will receive techniques to create a strong work culture.

Key Takeaways:

  • Your happiest periods of your life may not involve money but just being happy around your loved ones.
  • Great companies have greater purpose and vision beyond just making money out of it or becoming number one in market.
  • It is difficult to build culture overnight and everyone wants to be happy ‌so bring it into your business idea.
  • Take your vacations because life is not zero-sum. Live each moment mindfully.

5. The Myth of More by Joseph Novello


In ‘The Myth of More’ book, Joseph Novello challenges the mainstream belief that happiness brings pleasures. According to him, happiness lies in the present and you should keep the child inside you alive. It is important to avoid ‘lifetraps’ to live your life in your own way and discover spirituality within themselves. At the end of the book he clears difference between satisfaction and comforts that pleasure can give comforts but satisfaction is driven by happiness.

Key Takeaways:

  • Darkest moments come midst of light so you should be optimistic during the darkest times.
  • Your life begins when you take actions based on your judgments, although it contradicts your beliefs. Keep going on!
  • Listen to your own individual voice and resonate your energy with the universe. Eventually, you will learn to trust the soul of the world.
  • Different parts of your life require different versions of you, so you should be open to changes happening to you and embrace them as part of life.

Why so many people are obsessed with reading books on mindset? It is the easiest way of learning life lessons and grabbing a new perspective towards life. Books help you to boost your self-confidence and empower you during hard times. It helps you to build good self-esteem, which reinforces self-beliefs, attitudes and feelings about yourself. These 5 books on mindset can act as gatekeeper to keep your negative thoughts away and you should definitely read one of them.

Trupti Munde

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