Overseen Problems in a Teenager’s life that should be addressed

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Life is a playground when you are a child but it becomes a jungle when you become a teenager. A Teenager’s life is like a roller-coaster with a blend of awkward and happening moments. It is important to guide a teenager since teenage is the most vulnerable phase of life with active hormones and ongoing physical transformation. This blog covers 5 neglected problems that a teenager deals with and is ignored by parents who find it difficult to notice or provide proper guidance.

5 Overseen Problems in a Teenager’s life

1.Peer Pressure


Teenagers seem to be struggling hard to find a place for themselves in society and be recognized by their peers. This issue of peer pressure comes from their unmet need for love and care from the family and community. The peer pressure is not just to score well in academics but also to have drugs, to be an alcoholic, to be in a relationship, and to have sex. This relentless peer pressure results in abusive and anxious teenagers.



Obesity is a mere health problem that exists at the base of other problems like physical inactivity, laziness, gaming habits, etc. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 20% of 12- to 19-year-olds are obese. Mostly, overweighed children tend to feel under-confident and are targeted by bullies in school. Obese children face body shaming issues and eating disorders too.

3.Social Media Addiction


Cyberspace addiction is a well-known issue among today’s teenagers. Many social media influencers have a big fan base among teenagers as they create content from the point of view of teenagers. However, there is no filter to what kind of data teens are consuming. Addiction to social media results in a lack of concentration, memory disabilities, insomnia, and mood swings. The average teen spends over nine hours each day using their electronic devices, which is a major cause of concern.



Bullying is one of the worst problems in a teenager’s life and millions of youth have endured it over the years.. Bullying can be cruel since, it affects very badly at mental, physical and social level. It leads to the more violent behavior, depression and loneliness among teenagers. When children are bullied at young age, they tend to carry the trauma throughout the whole life. 

5.Emotional Vulnerabilities


Hormonal changes inside the body during adolescence affects physically as well as emotionally. Gender roles in some family may affect intensely hard to children. Feelings of inferiority or superiority, body changes as puberty hits affect their mood swings.  It is important that their emotional baggage is dealt with time to time so that they don’t carry that baggage growing up.

Teenage can be the golden years of life once you get idea of how much potential and strength one possesses. Although, these 5 problems of teenager’s life cannot be undermined while dealing with your children. These issues can be solved by spending quality time with them and giving them unconditional love and care. The mental strength of children can be enriched by supporting their natural talent and not make them victim of any societal and parental pressure.

Trupti Munde

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