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15 Bold and Unapologetic Tallulah Bankhead Quotes

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If you are a fan of witty, sassy, and outspoken remarks, you might want to learn more about this American actress, who was as famous for her personal life as for her theatrical achievements. You guessed it right; it was Tallulah Bankhead. Today we will be exploring iconic Tallulah Bankhead quotes.

She was a successful American actress who appeared in several prominent films, including an award-winning performance in Alfred Hitchcock’s Lifeboat (1944). Tallulah Bankhead also had a successful career on stage, radio, and television, earning acclaim for her roles in The Little Foxes, The Skin of Our Teeth, and Private Lives, among others. She won the New York Drama Critics’ Circle Award in 1942 and was inducted into the American Theater Hall of Fame in 1972.

These Tallulah Bankhead quotes are a testament to her charisma and intelligence. Tallulah Bankhead quotes reflect her bold and unconventional personality, as well as her sense of humor and self-deprecation.

  1. “It’s the good girls who keep diaries; the bad girls never have the time.”

Bad girls live in the moment and have fun rather than recording those moments like good girls.

  1. “Here’s a rule I recommend: Never practice two vices at once.”

It’s better to focus on one bad habit at a time instead of trying to juggle multiple bad habits.

  1. “Too many of our countrymen rejoice in stupidity, look upon ignorance as a badge of honor. They condemn everything they don’t understand.”

This quote highlights the dangers of ignorance and celebrates intellectual curiosity. It criticizes those who embrace stupidity and dismiss knowledge, suggesting that they are holding themselves back from growth and understanding.

  1. “Fill what is empty, empty what is full, and scratch where it itches.”

Address your needs and desires, whether it’s nurturing relationships, acquiring knowledge, or pursuing your passions; declutter your life of negativity, bad habits, or anything that no longer serves you; and take action to resolve problems, address anxieties, and alleviate discomfort.

  1. “I’d rather be strongly wrong than weakly right.”

It’s better to take a strong stand and be wrong than to have a weak opinion that may be correct.

  1. “I read Shakespeare and the Bible, and I can shoot dice. That’s what I call a liberal education.”

A well-rounded education encompasses exposure to both high-brow and low-brow culture, as well as practical skills.

  1. “For acting, darlings, is the world’s most perilous trade. Compared with actors, steeple jacks and deep-sea divers lead snug and placid lives.”

Acting is a dangerous and unpredictable profession. Tallulah compares it to the dangerous jobs of steeple jacks and deep-sea divers to emphasize the point that actors risk their emotional well-being and face constant scrutiny and judgment.

  1. “I have enemies I’ve never met – that’s fame.”

Fame comes with the cost of having people dislike or criticize you, even if you’ve never interacted with them.

  1.  “I’m not childless, darling. I am childfree.”

Tallulah made a deliberate and conscious decision not to have children, rather than simply being unable to have them. This is an expression of empowerment.

  1. “I’m not at my best when I moralize or philosophize. Logic is elusive, especially to one who so rarely uses it.”

Tallulah doesn’t feel comfortable or competent in giving moral or philosophical advice. She acknowledges that logic is not her strong suit, implying she is more comfortable relying on intuition or other ways of thinking.

  1. “Television could perform a great service in mass education, but there’s no indication its sponsors have anything like this on their minds.”

Television has the potential to be a powerful tool for mass education, but its current programming and focus on advertising revenue contradict this potential.

  1. “I detest acting because it is sheer drudgery.”

Tallulah expresses a strong dislike for acting due to its perceived tedious and laborious nature. It implies that she finds the process of acting to be a chore, lacking in joy or fulfillment.

  1. “Don’t be taken in by the guff that critics are killing the theater. Commonly they sin on the side of enthusiasm. Too often they give their blessing to trash.”

Bankhead criticized critics for being too lenient and praising mediocre work. She argues that their excessive enthusiasm and eagerness to find something positive often lead them to endorse bad plays.

  1. “I have been tight as a tick! Fried as a mink! Stiff as a goat!”

Tallulah has been feeling physically constricted and uncomfortable. She has been feeling hot, overheated, and possibly even anxious or stressed. Additionally, she feels physically rigid and unable to relax or move freely.

  1. “If I had to live my life again, I’d make the same mistakes, only sooner.”

Tallulah views her mistakes not as regrets but as valuable experiences that shaped her into who she is. So she doesn’t want to change so easily.

Tallulah Bankhead’s quotes are more than just witty remarks. They are expressions of a woman who lived her life on her terms, defying conventions and expectations. She was a talented and versatile actress who shone on stage and screen. Tallulah Bankhead was also a complex and controversial figure who faced many challenges and controversies. She left behind a legacy of memorable performances and unforgettable words. Tallulah Bankhead quotes inspire us to be ourselves, to be bold, and to have fun.

Sushmita Nibandhe

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