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Jan Henk Hendriks


Jan Henk Hendriks: Orchestrating Synergies for Sustainable Pharma Growth

Jan Henk Hendriks is a seasoned professional with a 28-year career. He started by acquiring a solid scientific foundation before delving into business, adopting the traditional approach that he believes is optimal for science-driven enterprises. Jan’s experience includes technical roles across various industries, with a pivotal entry into the pharmaceutical realm as an ingredients supplier. He evolved within the pharmaceutical landscape to become an API supplier and, now, a trailblazer in transdermal carrier technology. As he navigated different sectors, Jan’s roles shifted from technical to commercial, accumulating responsibilities.

Jan entered the chemical industry, catering to diverse markets with specialty ingredients and performance additives, shaping his path to the pharmaceutical sector. He values the stability of the pharmaceutical industry – with its emphasis on innovation, science, and technology – along with the satisfaction of contributing to patient well-being. He focuses on providing cutting-edge transdermal carrier technology, motivated by the opportunity to enhance therapeutics and facilitate patient-friendly delivery options. Jan’s commitment to innovation aligns with the pharmaceutical industry’s ethos, where research and development drive progress. His ultimate reward is the impact on patients – curing diseases, alleviating symptoms, or simplifying treatment processes.

Strategic Leadership and Milestone Achievements

Jan Henk Hendriks is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Biotts, a clinical-stage start-up. He ensures the company’s continuity, emphasizing fundraising initiatives to secure resources for ongoing operations. He recognizes the importance of human capital and nurtures and leads the talented individuals in Biotts who deliver scientific innovation for patients.

Jan also takes a strategic stance on building and positioning the Biotts brand in the pharmaceutical industry. He tackles the challenges faced by innovators, such as convincing stakeholders that what was impossible is now possible. He navigates the conservative environment through strategic partnerships with industry leaders like Laboratoires Servier and Bioton. These collaborations demonstrate Biotts’ technology applied to enhance medications for patients.

His leadership showcases the impact of Biotts’ technology, as shown by his collaboration with Bioton. The innovation provides a non-invasive alternative to injections, offering a patient-friendly experience and a single insulin patch instead of multiple injections. Jan believes these successes will convince and inspire the pharmaceutical industry.

Additionally, Jan supported the team in steering Biotts through a milestone – the first clinical trial. This achievement affirms the efficacy and safety of Biotts’ technology in humans and underscores the start-up’s understanding of regulatory requirements and its ability to bring innovative solutions to market.

Pioneering Transdermal Carrier Technology

Established in 2018, Biotts is a trailblazing force in the pharmaceutical landscape. It developed a groundbreaking transdermal carrier technology that enables the delivery of larger molecules, both hydrophilic and lipophilic. Biotts offers an alternative to injections, which are still used for about 60% of medications. Its alternative is effective, efficient, and more patient-friendly.

The pharmaceutical industry has sought alternatives to injections, which are unpleasant. Oral dosage forms are cost-effective, but some medications cannot be delivered orally, and others have side effects from passing through the gastrointestinal tract. Biotts’ technology expands the range of molecules that can be delivered transdermally. This approach has advantages such as a constant and sustained effect, reduced adverse effects, and a patient-friendly mechanism.

As a first step to market, Biotts focuses on peptides and proteins in Diabetes, as shown by collaborations with semaglutide and insulin. These efforts show the company’s commitment to exploring therapeutic opportunities for patients. Biotts challenges the limitations of transdermal delivery and aims to broaden its application. The company’s trajectory shows its dedication to innovation and vision to reshape the pharmaceutical landscape by offering enhanced options through its technology.

Unconventional Leadership: Embracing Change and Challenging Perceptions

Jan Henk Hendriks faced unique challenges as a leader because of his unconventional approach to seeking new opportunities and changing industries. Some might see his lack of industry-specific experience as a disadvantage, but Jan sees it as an advantage. He takes the road less traveled and brings a fresh perspective to each industry, approaching challenges holistically.

One challenge Jan faced was the perception of industry-specific experience. He overcame the initial skepticism by using the advantages of a fresh viewpoint. He asked fundamental questions about the value created by the team: Is the innovation truly unique? Does it make a positive difference to customers or patients? What is the value, and does it resonate beyond the organization? Answering these questions from a new perspective helped Jan cut through complexities and clarify the value of the products or innovations.

Another challenge in Jan’s journey was adapting to change. Jan stayed nimble and open-minded in the face of changing landscapes and navigated uncertainties effectively. He changed industries frequently and was open to changes and shifts in the market. However, this flexibility required adapting to new environments, dynamics, and competitors.

Aligning Technical Innovation with Commercial Success

Biotts has a highly skilled, motivated, and creative team with many innovative ideas. The team has evolved to focus on technical innovation and commercial success. Jan motivates the team by focusing on opportunities, the impact on patients, progress milestones, and goals.

Biotts’ team has a strategic mindset, recognizing that a technical breakthrough must improve patients’ lives and be affordable. This approach reflects a surge in productivity for the team. The team can assess the commercial viability of technical innovations, aligning with Biotts’ commitment to improving patients’ lives. Moreover, the team’s growth is technical and strategic, reflecting an understanding of the market and the importance of delivering value.

Fostering Patient-Centric Innovation

Improving patients’ lives is the fundamental purpose of the pharmaceutical industry, and Jan focuses on this core message. It guides his mindset, emphasizing the impact of pharmaceutical innovations on well-being. He also recognizes the FDA’s role in public safety and the importance of early agreement on the regulatory path for Biotts’ innovations.

However, Jan collaborates with regulatory bodies like the FDA, not just for compliance but for strategy. He seeks early alignment to ensure compliance and efficiency in bringing innovations to market. He understands the balance between public safety and accessible medicine, knowing that long development times and high costs could limit access and benefits.

Jan also advocates a collaborative approach, emphasizing the need to simplify processes and leverage synergies. He recognizes the importance of improving regulations to balance patient safety, innovation, and access. He points out the risks related to exclusivity that could limit life-changing medications.

Navigating Time, Costs, and Innovation

Jan Henk Hendriks addresses the complexities of increasing timelines and development costs in the pharmaceutical industry by sustaining the work and innovation at Biotts. He balances safety, availability of medication, and innovation, recognizing the demands of regulators and people.

As a start-up with limited resources, Biotts emphasizes time to market, a key factor in decision-making. Jan meets the challenge of managing costs and ensuring a benefit from innovations by improving efficiency and cost-effectiveness. He leverages Biotts’ platform technology, enhancing efficiency and maintaining momentum with synergies between developments.

Jan aligns innovation with cost improvements and capitalizes on synergies within the platform technology, ensuring that Biotts adapts and stays efficient in the evolving pharmaceutical industry. This approach helps the company navigate challenges and contribute to advancements in medication and patient care.

Harmony in Work and Nature: Jan’s Pursuit of Balance

Jan Henk Hendriks balances his work and nature passions, finding fulfillment in both. He travels frequently for work, but he cherishes his home and land in a picturesque location. He retreats to this sanctuary, where he enjoys outdoor activities, such as maintaining orchards and breeding plants and trees.

The connection with nature rejuvenates Jan, allowing him to build and grow things. He obtains his own olive oil from the press and shares his homegrown fruits with the Biotts team. He finds reward and fulfillment in the outcomes of his efforts.

Jan is dedicated to his job at Biotts, but he also retreats to his home and nature. He balances his professional and personal passions. His holistic approach to work and life shows the importance of finding joy and satisfaction in diverse pursuits. He contributes to a fulfilling and balanced lifestyle.

Navigating a Marathon: Building a Lasting Career in Pharma

Jan advises aspiring pharma professionals to have a marathon mindset, recognizing that making an impact in the industry is a long journey, not a quick sprint. He cautions that progress may be slow, given the complexity of pharmaceutical endeavors.

He emphasizes the role of innovation and the need for continuous and calculated risk-taking for sustainable business growth. He argues that avoiding risks can be risky, as past innovations have limited revenue potential. Cost-cutting measures can extend this potential, but true business building requires ongoing innovation.

He encourages aspiring professionals to understand that the industry allows for innovation. Making an impact involves aligning with the industry’s principles and prioritizing innovation. For those passionate about science, innovation, and patients’ lives, Jan suggests that navigating the complexity and embracing risk are crucial for building a lasting and impactful career in pharma.


“If you are passionate about science and innovation, and you want to do good for patients in need you are definitely in the right place.”

“Today’s revenue comes from yesterday’s innovation and has a limited life cycle.”

“We should constantly remind ourselves that not taking risks is a risk as well”

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