5 Vital Canva App Tips to create Captivating Designs

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Designing is not everyone’s cup of tea. It needs creativity and out-of-box concepts to build a great piece of design. Alongside innovative ideas and inventiveness, various designing tools are one of the important attributes to become a successful designer. Canva App is one such special online tool that provides various templates and features for social media graphics and a lot more. The handy and most convenient features have helped many enthusiastic designers. In this blog, we will enlighten you about 5 vital Canva App tips that can flourish your designs.

1.Use Canva Magic Resize Tool


Anyone who tries recreating the designs or templates definitely faces difficulties in resizing the dimensions and aspect ratios according to the platform. Surprisingly, Canva App provides a tool called Magic Resize Tool that helps apply perfect dimensions to any design and document. It has in-built pre-set formats that save time and one click can do wonders. Additionally, social media posts can be designed without hampering the images; without stretching or cutting off the images. This makes a design look professional and attractive.

2.Try Amazing Infographics


Claiming to be the “World’s Best Design Tool”, Canva App provides an Infographic feature which is the most popular tool that helps in representing complex topics and data in suitable formats. Infographics such as The Carbon Budget, The Almighty Dollar, Feng Shui, and Crowd Power have taken the attention of many designers as well as Canva users. These Infographics help in creating effective and stunning visuals. Canva provides approximately 40 such options to make your designs look outstanding.

3.Remove Background from Image Feature


Sometimes, it is important to hide some unnecessary information in the background from our audience as it can mislead and distract them. Various applications such as Photoshop, PowerPoint, or Word do not provide a straightforward process to remove the background from the image. However, the Canva Pro application provides a tool that is incredibly easy to operate. This feature allows appropriate editing and focuses on the object, directly enhancing the visual impact of the design.

4.Give Hyperlinks


Maintaining links and navigation in the design is the strength of the design as it provides valuable information to users. Adding hyperlinks to your design is a very easy process and Canva App provides a tool with a step-by-step guide. It is quite difficult to add links to images (PNG or JPG), however, you can give links to the “Address” field of any image. Moreover, as single-element hyperlinking is an impossible task, you have to select an entire element and add links to it.

5.Adjust the Transparency


Another way to enhance your designs is to set the transparency of the image on the Canva App. For creating eye-catching designs, adjusting the opacity of elements is very important. Additionally, users can “see-through” any particular detail or element in the design. Canva tool allows you to create designs that visually attract everyone. 

Canva App is especially known for its user-friendly interface, millions of templates, numerous attractive tools, and vibrant platform. To make the designs look alluring, this particular tool becomes a friend to everyone including aspiring and experienced designers. These 5 Canva App tips will definitely add value to your designs and help you to become a flourished designer.

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