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Stand Out on Instagram


12 Ways to Stand Out on Instagram


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Instagram is much more than simply a place to share pictures of edited desserts. Companies are increasingly using their visually focused content to draw in and keep clients.

But being on Instagram alone won’t cut it since there are a lot of companies competing for customers’ attention. How can you, then, make sure that your company is seen and has an impact?

First, make the account conversion to an Instagram Business Account. Call-to-action buttons and analytics are now accessible as a result. Then, to increase your exposure and create a stir on Instagram, adhere to these measures.

Post Regularly

The first tip for expanding your fan base is to be consistent. It’s critical to show your audience that your company is active on Instagram and dedicated to interacting with them. A lot of prosperous companies provide fresh images, infographics, behind-the-scenes looks, time-sensitive deals, and product details on a regular basis. Even though this may seem like a lot, it’s critical to always be in the minds of your audience. Start blogging twice a week and progressively increase the frequency if you find that writing every day is too much.

Post Thoughtfully

Instagram is all about striking a balance between quantity and quality. When you do decide to write often, make sure that each piece of content is interesting and worthwhile for your readers. With each post, give them something to look forward to, whether it’s practical advice, insider information, exclusive offers, competitions, games, or just visually appealing photos they’ll love. Additionally, it’s a good idea to organize ahead of time by organizing your cross-posting workflow and adding your Instagram photos to your editorial schedule.

Use High-Quality Photos

While this may seem apparent, it’s important to emphasize that the brightness of your images has the power to create or ruin your Instagram account. Make sure the backdrop of your primary topic isn’t too distracting and that it is crisp and sticks out. In a photo editor like Preview, you may tweak the sharpness and contrast to further improve your images.

Use Hashtags

It’s essential to use hashtags to increase your exposure, draw in new followers, and maintain engagement with your existing following. For example, use hashtags like #funsocks, #rockyoursocksoff, #giftideas, and so on if you’re selling bright purple socks. As long as it pertains to your product, think about what customers could search for and use those hashtags. Consider it similar to researching keywords for social media.

Optimize Your Bio

Never undervalue the significance of your Instagram bio! This is your opportunity to explain to the public what your company does and why it matters to them, and maybe even include a memorable catchphrase. Remember to encourage them to visit your website by including a clickable link.

Check out this sample from a coffee and ice cream business. The bio is straightforward and makes use of well-known search phrases, although it could use some punctuation and cutting.

Use Clear, Enticing Calls to Action

Ensure that every article you make inspires action from your followers! You may ask them to vote on a picture, conduct a survey, share with friends, read your most recent blog article, or investigate a new product. Take a look at how MeUndies does a great job of enticing users to take action with many buttons in their bio, including tap to purchase, click to phone, chat, and email.

Watch Your Analytics

To determine what is most effective for your target audience, you must continuously test and measure. Observe your Instagram insights or statistics carefully. Which posts are the most popular? Did the time or the nature of the content matter more? Did the postings that were successful pose a query or have a clear call to action?

Additionally, you can see when your followers are most active, which can assist you in determining the ideal day of the week or time of day for posting.

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