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The 10 Prominent CEOs of 2024.


KRS IT’s Josiv Krstinovski on Building a Tech Empire: A Promise Fulfilled

Josiv is a passionate and motivated person who wants to help small to medium-sized businesses (10 to 250+ employees) reduce the risk of poor unmanaged IT systems that can cripple an entire company.

Very few young entrepreneurs are in the AI business. Alexandr Wang, Founder and CEO of Scale AI, is one of


In the past, CEOs primarily focused on generating profits and satisfying shareholders. Nowadays, they also


Meet the exhilarating leader and an A.I. nerd, Karl Friesenbichler, the CEO of dereOida Pty Ltd. A true entrepreneur

Frank Corcoran

The healthcare industry has undergone a remarkable transformation in the past few decades. The shift

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