Torii Rowe: A Former Cop’s Journey to Uncovering the Secrets of Business Growth

The marketing and advertising industry has been in a constant state of evolution. Every year, new strategies and tools enhance the overall experience. However, some companies lag behind and incur losses due to inefficient marketing strategies, with small organizations being particularly susceptible to this changing landscape. Torii Rowe, the owner and co-founder of MANSSION, personally experienced these challenges, motivating him to delve deeply into marketing to propel his company’s growth.

Moreover, Torii took his expertise to the next level by partnering with DREAMLABS as the Head of Acquisition, where he extended his knowledge to assist other thriving e-commerce companies. In this conversation, Torii Rowe shares intriguing insights and narrates his journey to achieving this level of success. This discussion promises to be engaging for every business enthusiast. Let’s get started!

Torii’s Career Trajectory: From Policeman to Marketing Expert

Torii’s career is a captivating journey. He began as a dedicated police officer but later embarked on a significant shift into the world of entrepreneurship, where he made a profound impact on the e-commerce industry. After serving in law enforcement for four years, Torii took the courageous step of founding This visionary move paid off remarkably, as the venture went from ground zero to generating eight-figure revenues in just three years.

Seamlessly transitioning into his current role, Torii now leads the growth division at Dreamlabs, a highly regarded advertising agency. Here, he demonstrates his expertise by guiding seven- and eight-figure brands toward the coveted nine-figure milestone. What distinguishes him is his diverse portfolio. In addition to his leadership at Dreamlabs, he also owns six other brands within the e-commerce sector. This hands-on experience adds depth to his already impressive track record.

One of Torii’s most notable achievements is managing over $500 million in paid media advertising. His talent for scaling top ecommerce businesses is evident, making him a sought-after strategist in today’s complex business landscape. Torii’s reputation in the e-commerce world centers on his innovative growth strategies and marketing prowess. However, his impact extends beyond these achievements. He also serves as an inspiration to others, motivating them to strive for excellence in their own pursuits.

Torii’s Path with MANSSION and Marketing Expertise

In 2019, MANSSION came into being. Torii provides an in-depth look into MANSSION, an accessory brand that lives by the motto, “Set Yourself Apart.” This philosophy isn’t just a slogan; it’s a guiding principle for Torii and the entire team. Their mission is to create jewelry that is not only stylish but also designed to endure the test of time. What distinguishes them in the market is their unwavering commitment to continuous improvement.

At MANSSION, they take customer feedback seriously. It’s not merely a formality but a compass that directs them in the ongoing refinement of their products. They believe that by listening to their customers, they can craft items that truly resonate with their audience. Another aspect that differentiates MANSSION is its dedication to producing exclusive designs.

“When you choose MANSSION jewelry, you’re selecting something you won’t find anywhere else.

However, like any business journey, it’s not always smooth sailing. Challenges are inevitable, ranging from issues with product quality to external forces like global pandemics. Nevertheless, Torii has learned a valuable lesson: the importance of having dependable business partners. On those days when motivation wanes and optimism wavers, Torii finds strength in his business partners, Feras and Yorgi. They have consistently provided unwavering support during challenging times. Torii openly acknowledges that without Feras and Yorgi, this journey would have been exceedingly challenging. MANSSION isn’t solely about jewelry; it’s a story of resilience, partnership, and the unwavering pursuit of standing out in a fiercely competitive world. It’s a testament to the power of collaboration and the determination to make a mark in the industry.

Subsequently, Torii joined DREAMLABS in 2022, after it embarked on its journey in 2020. He brought his specialized skills in social media buying to the team. It was Blake Pinsker, the founder of DREAMLABS, who persuaded Torii to join the company. Since then, their partnership has thrived, leading to remarkable growth. Torii’s arrival marked a turning point for DREAMLABS, propelling them to new heights in the realm of social media buying. Their collaboration has expanded rapidly, with a focus on consistently delivering outstanding results for their clients. The clients, in turn, have expressed high satisfaction with the cohesive operation of the team.

Torii’s Approach to Risk-Taking

Taking risks is an inherent aspect of both life and business. Torii reflects, stating, “After working in a stable government job for several years, although things were progressing in the right direction, I felt this underlying need for more.” Along with his friend, Feras Khouri (co-founder of MANSSION), he identified a gap in the men’s fashion jewelry market and launched MANSSION. Torii shares the story behind this venture, explaining, “As customers in the men’s fashion industry, we felt that the jewelry available to us were limited. The brands and products did not resonate with who we were. Thus, MANSSION was created. We worked hard to develop our branding, product designs, packaging, and overall business.” Approximately a year into their venture, Feras relocated for a new job, leaving Torii with a pivotal decision: remain in his police job or take a leap of faith. After consulting with family and friends, he opted for the latter.

He left his job and joined Feras in Denver, believing in the company’s growth potential. Living in the same place facilitated their consistent work on MANSSION and allowed them to witness tangible results. The success of MANSSION is a testament to well-calculated risks. Torii’s willingness to embrace uncertainty played a pivotal role in the brand’s thriving presence today. It underscores the idea that taking chances can yield exceptional outcomes.

Achieving Team Balance: Insights from Torii

Effective teamwork and task balance are crucial, and Torii provides insight into their successful approach. The key lies in their complementary expertise. Blake excels in brand creativity, an area where Torii acknowledges having limited but valuable knowledge. Conversely, Torii brings his expertise to the table in paid media, offering a unique skill set that doesn’t overlap with Blake’s strengths.

What sets them apart is their trust in each other’s abilities. They provide input when necessary but have confidence in their partner’s competence. Furthermore, their strategy revolves around understanding the evolving landscape, especially on platforms like Instagram and Facebook, which fall under the Meta umbrella. They recognize that creativity plays a pivotal role in today’s advertising world, a facet many agencies tend to overlook.

The distinction arises when you are outsourcing not only creative but also media buying. Aligning these two aspects perfectly can be challenging. Torii and Blake bridge this gap through their close partnership and regular communication. Their time together, including meetings in New York, has nurtured an unspoken communication style. They understand each other’s needs, expectations, and preferences so well that it has become second nature.

The in-house collaboration further simplifies the process. The team communicates openly, requesting specific iterations or materials as needed. This seamless coordination ensures their work harmonizes effortlessly. Remarkably, their partnership has thrived without major disagreements, a testament to their unspoken understanding and mutual respect. Torii shares, “We knock on wood and haven’t had any major disagreements or anything on any accounts. It’s usually just an unwritten rule that we know what the other one’s doing.”

A Practical Approach to Client Retention

When it comes to paid media, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to retaining clients, and Torii provides insights into how he manages this crucial aspect.

First and foremost, Torii considers the size and stage of the client’s business. Many of their clients boast significant annual revenues of at least $10 million. This context matters because it sets the stage for implementing retention strategies effectively. For clients of this caliber, there is a significant customer base to leverage. This pool serves as a valuable resource for retention efforts when needed. However, Torii emphasizes that their approach is not rigid; it is flexible and tailored to the specific goals and circumstances of each client.

Torii further distinguishes between businesses operating with a subscription model and those in the e-commerce sphere. He explains, “I do not go out and intentionally target retention or retargeting in any manner. Everyone talks about broad, free audiences and all those things. I’m the exact same way. I don’t put exclusions in unless there’s this subscription model or some type of reason behind it.” He places trust in platforms like Facebook to manage this effectively. He believes in casting a wide net and allowing the platform’s algorithms to naturally incorporate retention and retargeting efforts into their targeting strategy.

Torii justifies this approach by acknowledging the extensive expertise that these platforms have accumulated over the years. Platforms like Facebook have fine-tuned their algorithms and possess an intimate understanding of user behavior. Therefore, Torii prefers not to micromanage these aspects but rather relies on the platform’s capabilities. However, he also highlights the delicate balance between acquisition and retention. Rapid acquisition efforts, if not accompanied by effective retention strategies, can lead to unfavorable outcomes. Specifically, profitability can be negatively affected as expenses rise due to acquiring more customers without a corresponding increase in retention.

Balancing Learning and Business Growth

Torii’s approach to growing the business while fostering continuous learning revolves around humility, data-driven decision-making, and an awareness of the ever-evolving nature of their journey. This mindset ensures that they make informed choices and adapt as needed in the dynamic world of business.

In the realm of business and continuous learning, Torii imparts a valuable lesson: placing trust in data. He highlights the common challenges faced by marketers and creative thinkers, who are often drawn to creative ideas that may not necessarily translate into effective outcomes.

Torii openly admits that he has faced such situations himself, believing in a creative concept that ultimately yielded poor results. This challenge becomes even more pronounced when dealing with a brand close to one’s heart, as Torii experiences with MANSSION. Personal attachment can cloud judgment and make it difficult to detach from one’s preferences. Torii’s perspective aligns with that of Blake, who managed MVMT. Together, they have learned the importance of humility in their roles. Their experiences serve as a continual reminder of their limits and the value of seeking data-driven insights.

Torii emphasizes the importance of recognizing gaps in knowledge. He states, “You have to step back and be like, ’Okay, I don’t know this. I don’t know what’s going to work or whatever it may be.’ And be like, ’Okay, just trust the data.’ Let it lead us in the right direction.” It’s a humbling experience, but a necessary one. According to Torii, the solution is to place trust in the data. Whether it’s related to creative choices, pricing strategies, or landing pages, they have discovered that what works can often be surprising and counterintuitive.

The Role of AI Technology in Business Growth

AI is more than just a trendy buzzword; it has become an integral component of modern business strategies. Torii provides valuable information about how AI is influencing the business world, shedding light on its multifaceted role and impact on growth. AI’s influence extends well beyond social media platforms such as Facebook and Google; it has permeated the very core of businesses, fundamentally altering the way data is handled and decisions are made. Torii’s experiences exemplify this evolution.

One of the most noteworthy aspects of AI’s integration into business is its proficiency in data management. Torii underscores how AI greatly assists in data-related tasks, from uploading and organizing data to graphing it in insightful ways. AI’s ability to identify correlations between seemingly unrelated data points is a game-changer, becoming a valuable ally in the decision-making process and enabling businesses to make well-informed choices. However, Torii maintains a healthy dose of skepticism. While AI has made significant strides, he acknowledges that it is still in the learning phase. Nonetheless, he values AI’s role as an informed companion in data exploration. It is a tool that complements human expertise, offering insights that might otherwise remain hidden.

Torii’s expertise lies in the realm of data analysis. He thrives on delving into the nuances of information, seeking patterns, and extracting valuable insights. AI serves as a powerful tool in this endeavor, enabling him to navigate the vast sea of data more efficiently.

Furthermore, Torii underscores the remarkable impact of AI in creative headline testing. Crafting compelling headlines is crucial for effective marketing, yet it can be a daunting task. Torii shares his views on this.

He says, “We do a lot of headline testing, trying to figure out what’s going to really hit, and sometimes it’s very hard to think of 10 headlines for a brand. AI can spit out 150 of them within a couple of minutes, and it’s pretty nice to use.”

Advice for Aspiring Young Entrepreneurs

  • Get off of TikTok and ask questions. I would say that’s the big one. Continue to ask questions. Continue to learn. That’s how you really level up in this game.
  • What takes you from seven to eight? Is it going to take you eight to nine? And people who have already done it are going to have that knowledge. You should ask them.


“Risks are always worth taking if you believe enough in the rewards that may come.”

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