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Jacey Norberg


Jacey Norberg: A Leader Forged Through Experience From Receptionist to Area President

Jacey Norberg, the Area President at Risk Placement Services (RPS), has carved her path to leadership through a series of unexpected turns. Her journey began during her college days at the University of Wisconsin-Stout, where she balanced her business administration and HR studies with waitressing. A chance encounter with a woman led to an intriguing opportunity: working as a receptionist for a wholesale operation based in Seattle, WA. Norberg seized the chance, and her career trajectory took off.

From Receptionist to Area President

Jacey currently oversees RPS offices in Eau Claire, Waukesha, and Omaha. Interestingly, her path to leadership began unexpectedly. While waitressing, she met a woman who offered her a receptionist position at a wholesale insurance company. Further, it was a great kickstart for Jacey’s career as she served as a Marketing Representative at Alexander Morford & Woo, Inc. She served there from 2001 to 2010. This marked the beginning of her journey, which saw her rise through the ranks over a decade: receptionist, associate broker, sales/marketing professional, and underwriter/broker.

In 2010, Jacey saw an opportunity at RPS in Minneapolis as an underwriter/broker. She then transferred to the Eau Claire office as a sales manager before being promoted to Area President in 2019.

Impressive Growth Under Her Leadership

Jacey’s leadership has led to impressive growth in the RPS offices she oversees: Eau Claire, WI; Waukesha, WI; and Omaha, NE. In just one year, these offices saw a 19% revenue increase, 26% premium growth, and a 15% expansion in new business. Over four years, the results are even more remarkable: 47% revenue growth, 70% increase in premiums, and a staggering 223% surge in new business.

A Commitment to Service Excellence by Leading a Specialized Team

Jacey’s approach focuses on empowering her diverse team. She emphasizes the value of RPS resources and encourages staff to shadow her client interactions. This commitment to service excellence has demonstrably paid off.

Jacey’s team possesses expertise in various areas, including brokerage, binding P&C, transportation, personal lines, and agribusiness.

Turning Around the Eau Claire Office

Jacey’s leadership has been instrumental in transforming the previously underperforming Eau Claire office. Her focus lies in supporting and mentoring her team, empowering them to excel.

Empathy and Experience: Keys to Success

Jacey emphasizes the importance of empathy. “Having worked in every position imaginable on the wholesale side of insurance, I understand the challenges each role presents. This experience allows me to effectively mentor our talent,” she explains.

Jacey’s extensive experience also allows her to guide her team effectively. “We have young professionals entering a unique market, seasoned veterans navigating non-renewals, and clients needing more support than ever. I strive to be a steady presence, helping navigate these challenges,” she says.

A Bright Future at RPS

RPS recognizes Jacey’s talent and plans to expand her oversight to include additional offices.

“Positivity is key,” Jacey states. “I always seek solutions and avoid getting bogged down by problems. This approach has been pivotal in my success.”

Jacey Norberg’s story is an inspiring testament to the power of seizing opportunities and embracing a positive outlook. Her leadership approach, built on empathy and experience, is sure to propel her and her team towards continued success.

Jacey Norberg’s journey reminds us that leadership isn’t just about titles—it’s about empathy, resilience, and a positive outlook.

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