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Raul Dominguez: A Versatile Leader creating a legacy in the Insurance Industry

The business world today is witnessing a rise in the number of thought leaders and entrepreneurs. These next-gen leaders are revolutionizing numerous industries by introducing the latest technological innovations. Raul Dominguez is one such leader who—with his versatile skills and more than 15 years of experience in the Television and media industry—has made a mark for himself as one of the eminent leaders in the region.

Raul started his career as a freelancer, where he used to organize, promote, advertise, and retail tickets for music concerts. Gradually, he developed a profession as a Television Producer and technologist. His work gave him exposure to the European marketplace, the US Hispanic, and the Latin American media in the central US region. Raul has extensive experience in everything related to the world of television, digital media, and technology. He was the CEO of a handful of companies in the television and media domain. Presently, he is working as the Chief Operating Officer of Veronica’s Insurance.

Veronica’s Insurance was established in 2008 in Norco, CA, by founder Veronica Gallardo with an aim to combat the challenges faced by the community in terms of getting informed and getting the insurance and to simplify buying insurance by providing services in the respective languages. The company offers Car, home, boat, health, motorcycle, tenant, commercial, and life insurance. It has created a reputation by providing exceptional customer support and has gained the trust of the Spanish-speaking population in the US. The company processes insurance applications faster, without complications, and at attractive prices.

Being the COO of Veronica’s Insurance, Raul has been instrumental in the company’s growth over the last couple of years. He is addicted to finding ways to improve. He is constantly growing, looking for solutions, and innovating. It is a big responsibility to co-pilot a huge company like Veronica that has a wide presence across the United States, however, Raul has been up to the task and is more than happy to take on the challenges coming his way.

Mirror Review’s team recently had a captivating conversation with Raul, in which he shared insights about his journey with Veronica and the factors driving Veronica’s unrivaled growth. Here are some of the snippets from the conversation.

Coming from a Television and Media background, how did you manage to adapt to the insurance industry?

One of the biggest challenges when I first came to Veronica’s was coming from directing television and radio networks to an insurance company. It was something different, but I have always liked the challenges. I knew that I could contribute something totally different and innovative, and I did so. In these two years, we have quadrupled our offices in California. Moreover, Veronica is now a franchise available in every state of the country. I can honestly say that it has been an amazing journey. This is an incredible company and I am very proud to be a part of it.  

How do you aid your franchise partners?

With Veronica’s insurance, you will be opening a business under an established name, so half the work is already done. Moreover, we own a big portfolio of clients that expands every day throughout the United States. One of the unique advantages that we offer our franchisees is to invest millions of dollars a year in advertising, marketing, exclusive events, and working with renowned artists. We also sponsor the LAFC Team—the strongest in California. Our franchisees benefit from absolutely everything.

What are the measures taken by Veronica’s Insurance to improve its customer experience?

We have one of the best scores in reviews on Google and Yelp, so I do believe that we are doing things well. However, we are continuously working to improve our customer experience.  We diversify the way we communicate with them to make the processes easy and quick. Moreover, inclusion is paramount to us. We recently added new agents to the team—who are not only bilingual but also speak sign language. We take pride in having one of the best customer services, bots, virtual agents, and a big call center always ready for our customers.

What were the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on the company?

The pandemic gave us an opportunity to prove that Veronica’s Insurance is a recession-proof business. We opened our first three offices in Florida, we beat sales goals and 2021 already looks like a great year as well. The success, however, was not easy. We had to transform into the new normal, protect our employees and customers, ensuring their well-being was the first thing we did. Thus, we went digital to serve and work better. We follow an extreme cleaning regime in our 90+ offices and adhere to the safety standards set by the state.

What are your priorities for the upcoming years?

Incorporating more technology to speed up our processes is something that is always within our priorities. We also emphasize improving communication with our clients. As mentioned before, we have recently incorporated agents who are bilingual and this is only the beginning. We aim to have an agent who speaks sign language in each office.

The Hispanic market has witnessed enormous growth in recent years and the projections for the upcoming years make us confident that we are in the right business. Due to ongoing support and continued growth, our business model is number one in the country right now. 2021 is being a year of enormous growth. We have about 10 more offices scheduled to open in Florida and we are eager to expand as a franchise in other states.

Why become a Veronica’s Insurance Franchise?

  • Fast-growing market
  • Recession-proof industry
  • +120M in Written Premium
  • Access to Top Carriers with 100% Commissions
  • Step-by-step support with experts in all areas: legal, training, accounting, marketing, etc.
  • Own a call center in English, Spanish, and even sign language
  • +1.5M on Nationwide TV networks ads and digital channels advertising
  • Technological integrated system for calls, leads, and online quotes


“Do your job with passion, it may seem trite but the reality is that everything you do with genuine love will pay off.”

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